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  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
  • •	Photos of the accommodation and rooms
Welcome in CHios

  We welcome you to the island of Homer... of mastic... and flowers! Chios is one of the most beautiful islands for relaxed and restful holidays in Greece. We hope you enjoy your vacation and we will do everything we can to help you. 

  In this corner of the East Aegean, you will experience a truly unique Greek island. The history of this place begins from the depths of centuries. The archaeological finds of prehistoric age adorning the Archaeological Museum of Chios, the remains of ancient temples, the medieval villages in the southern part of the island, the Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches and monasteries, the mosque in the city center, the Castle and the famous Kampos (plain) of Chios with the Genoese architecture mansions are evidence of the complex and peculiar character of the island. The combination of Aegean blue and the green of Kampos creates a harmony that will lead you to endless hours of exploring the island. Your options are endless and exciting!

Windmills of Chios

Vroulidia Beach-South Chios

  The island's natural environment is spectacular and the beaches do not deceive expectations. Its shores offer a real paradise for all those who love either large areas of sand or the ones with the wildest beauty. All the beaches have crystal clear waters and clean sand or pebbles.

  What is certain is that wherever you go you will have the opportunity to relax and unwind. Yet there are also the lovely and secluded coves from Karfas with the endless sand beach to the beach of Mavra Volia (black pebbles). Chios has well-equipped beaches for tourists but also small coves where you can find absolute peace, even in August. Of course your excursions to the island can always be accompanied with walks to the local picturesque villages where you can taste traditional local recipes. Chios is also famous for its cuisine and homemade desserts.

The island of mastic and Homer, Myrovolos (fragrant) Chios boasts its history, its excellent climate and its unique landscape. Chios is a unique destination and has won an important place in the hearts of those who visit it. It is no coincidence that many of our guests come for the umpteenth time to our island!

  In the southern part of the island, you will find the mastic-villages (Mastichochoria) and see up close the mastic trees or "skinos". You will hear from the villagers about the production procedure of mastic, its usefulness and its beneficial effects. Chios has the privilege of monopolising the production of this product after the mastic trees grow and thrive only in the southern part of the island on a global scale. If you happen to be on the island in spring, you will surely be amazed by the fragrant Kampos and the famous "lalades" (wild tulips), which grow only in red colour, converting the fields into a red sea.

Mastic trees- Skinos

  Chios is the birthplace of Homer and in the area of Vrontados you can find the "Homer's Stone" or "Daskalopetra" where Homer, according to tradition, taught his immortal epics. Archaeologists estimate that the chunky rock with the stone temple of the goddess Cybele in the middle, along with the waters of the neighboring spring must have been a tribute from the State or a wealthy individual to the goddess and a sacred shrine that served her cult.



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